Nic Raboy

A bit about me...

My name is Nic and I am an Application Developer with a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from University of California, Merced.

Mobile Applications

I've designed and developed a diverse set of mobile applications and games using frameworks such as Unity3D, Ionic Framework, and native Android.

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Tech Blogging

I run a programming blog aimed at providing useful tutorials for the latest development technologies such as AngularJS, Ionic Framework, and NodeJS.

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Open Source

I contribute to open source projects by submitting plugins and improving the project baselines. Much of my work can be seen on GitHub and Bitbucket.

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Who am I...

I own a Sony Playstation 4, a Nintendo Wii U, and a Nintendo 3DS, so you might say that I am a gamer. I also enjoy cycling, fishing, and a variety of hot and cold teas. I am also a huge Doctor Who fan.

What I really like is all things technical. I rock Mac OS and Ubuntu, but if the sun and the moon align correctly, you can find me using Windows.

What I do... During the day

I'm an application developer for University of California, Merced. The core of my work is supporting the needs of the admissions department by creating quality tools for reviewing incoming student applications. UC Merced is an Ellucian Banner campus, however, much of what I do are custom modules.

University of California, Merced

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What I do... After hours

On the side, I develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. I tend to develop technical applications because they benefit my typical daily activities. My most successful mobile application is SQLTool, a database editor for Android based devices.

Recently, I started blogging about all the things that I learn. I've found it not only as a great way to document my work, but also a great way share my knowledge with others.